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Masterpiece Southland Meadows is a brand new retirement residence located in SE Medicine Hat and is Masterpiece's most recent inspiration where all the latest design, building materials and technologies come into play and assist us in giving our residents the best possible experience.

Masterpiece Southland Meadows provides 100 suites for residents that have been assessed for continuing care by AHS.  A further 21 suites are available for residents who are looking to live privately at Masterpiece.  Building on the solid reputation of our first project in Medicine Hat, Masterpiece River Ridge, which we built and operated for 15 years, Masterpiece will be looking to continue its tradition of focusing on excellent healthcare, fabulous food and outstanding hospitality.

This new retirement residence was designed and built by consultants and trades from Medicine Hat in a fantastic spirit of achievement.  We are grateful for their expertise and constant enthusiasm to always build in the best way with the very best materials. This is a truly remarkable project and is the first seniors care facility in the area to be built of wholly non combustible material, contain heated underground parking, use exclusively LED lighting and introduce solar panels for power generation. The location on Southlands Drive SE is second to none with a beautiful terrace patio opening up on to a natural wetland where all the new stores and services can be accessed nearby by means of the beautiful City pathway system.

Especially for this project, Masterpiece has explored a modern, fresh and invigorating concept of biophillic design which evokes a sense of well-being on a very evolutionary level.

"The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life" - Wikipedia definition of Biophilia. (Edward O.Wilson introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984). He defines biophilia as "the urge to affiliate with other forms of life".)

Care has been taken to build an environment that is both stimulating and engaging for our valuable residents and staff. The design has made use of dense, vivid and stimulating hues that have been drawn from nature adding visual rhythm and variety. The accompaniments of many natural products have helped to set the scene for a journey of exploration and discovery through the project. For example, on entering the project the visitor will be projected into the mouth of a once active volcano where black tones with flecks of red combine to encourage its occupant to explore further. On leaving this area the visitor will enter a paradise of blues and greens much as you would be emerging from a grotto into a field of green beside a fresh water lake.  These are featured in our 2 storey dining area looking out through an expansive glass wall on to a natural wetland and pond.  Also featured in this journey are our beautiful 100 seat theatre, library and media room.

The design has relied heavily on textures and bio-mimicry to emphasise an organic contrast to the man made elements left exposed. One might almost consider the space to be a marriage of the elements in all its forms. One of the many beautiful aspects of this built environment is its ability to change the vibe, experience and feeling of the visitor and our resident when moving from space to space. In our care areas we visit the local environments of the South Saskatchewan River, the Elkwater Reserve, the Prairie and beautiful Downtown Medicine Hat. Each has its own distinct set of values and emotes a separate sense of feelings.  This is of particular importance to our residents that may be restricted to the project.  A sleek, uncomplicated and linear simplicity has best served to streamline the various spaces, so as not to over stimulate the eye, and also to create a modern appeal.

Through ingenious design, the facility has been blessed with an abundance of natural light and views to the outdoors, allowing the design to flourish in a healthy and calming manner. We believe that Masterpiece Southland Meadows will be the place that many will be excited to call home, creating that environment that promotes the sense of trust and belonging, a feeling of security and exploration coupled with the incredible care and hospitality that is the Masterpiece Benchmark.

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