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Masterpiece employees are young at heart and have a passion for this business, where Masterpiece Southland Meadows will become their inspiration.

"We are always looking for individuals focused on the needs and wishes of our residents to increase the strength of our team and nurture our small community.  Everyday we live our standards and values (see below) and together we support each other and do what is best for the whole community at large.  We use the abilities we have to create the best working environment, where everyone can look forward to coming to work and enjoy their job.  You will feel fulfilled at Masterpiece, I promise." Tim Garforth-Bles, Founder.

We look for enthusiastic and qualified employees to fill roles in catering, housekeeping, maintenance, activities, accounting, hospitality and care.  Everyone will receive comprehensive and interactive orientation and training on the job.

Our care staff are dedicated professionals led by the very capable Krista Worobec, who is devoted to serving the residents, their families and to training talented and compassionate individuals into strong teams. These are her words: "We are very focused on being active Medicine Hat community members who provide a beautiful environment to support person and family centered seniors care. We aim for total engagement and transparency to support all age groups and programs within our building and with all our professional partners. We support and welcome students from Medicine Hat College's HCA, LPN and RN programs, in order to enhance their learning experiences and to provide our residents with added care and a chance to build relationships with the younger generation; both students and residents benefit from these relationships."

Masterpiece Service Values

Masterpiece is extremely residentcentric, first off patenting our Motto "We are here for you" in 2002. This is the Motto that we live by and it works on all levels being easy to understand. Our employees proudly wear "I am here for you" on their first name badges.  Our managers are there for our residents and employees. Their employees are there for their residents and for each other on good days and bad days. And our Management is there for the shareholders and other stakeholders.

These service values were put together by our employees for our employees and Masterpiece asks for 100% buy in. They are formed as an acronym of the word Masterpiece and unusually all start with the word "I" so that our employees can truly own them.

The service values have three key components. The inspirational values of creating memories and anticipating our resident's needs that enable us to fulfil the mission, which is to Create Meaningful Experiences for Our Residents. This is the ultimate goal and we encourage our employees to share the positive aspects of their personal lives with our residents: stories about our children and listen to our residents talk about their grandchildren. Secondly, the emotional values or the lifeblood of the employees, the reason our employees want to work for Masterpiece. There are seven of these values and they all lead to positive engagement and personal growth. Finally, the functional values of confidentiality and safe guarding the environment, which are key values to ensure sustainability.

On hire, our employees are first given this card and are asked to demonstrate these important service values and once all have been demonstrated within the three month probationary period our employee receives a certificate from the company stating "I am Masterpiece".

"We fought hard to keep our Masterpiece name and in 2011 we won a landmark decision in the Supreme Court of Canada which enabled us to keep the name and receive the trademarks for its use."  Tim Garforth-Bles, Founder

Open Positions

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