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Why Choose Masterpiece



Masterpiece Service

Masterpiece Retirement communities stand alone. They are known for their single minded focus on providing meaningful and memorable experiences for you, our resident.

Genuine caring and hospitality represents the heart and soul of who we are at Masterpiece. We encourage and support our staff to go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. We realize that nothing is as important as how we make you feel. It is conveyed through all of the thoughtful and caring things our team does to make you feel at home. Residents can live carefree knowing our team is there to assist them.

Masterpiece Employees

At Masterpiece, each employee is made to feel valued and appreciated. We recognize that our employees and their dedication to service are essential to our residents’ happiness. We are proud of our team and their exceptional qualifications and expertise. Employees should understand that their compassionate and caring service makes a world of difference.

Masterpiece Difference

Relationships are fundamental. Together our employees and our residents comprise the Masterpiece family; this is a place where you will experience the feeling of belonging and can trust that you will be supported in good times and bad.

Masterpiece's All Inclusive Approach

Masterpiece Retirement communities are "all-inclusive". Our inclusive services feature: your daily dining experiences, snacks and beverages anytime, the luxury of in-suite housekeeping, daily activities, outings, basic cable, enrichment programs and the peace-of-mind that there is 24-hour care staff close by in case of an emergency. You can relax knowing we are here for you.

Peace of Mind

Living in a Masterpiece Retirement community brings many advantages, particularly peace of mind for you and your family. Safety and security is of utmost importance.

Each Masterpiece residence is staffed 24 hours a day. There is always someone close by in an emergency. If and when a resident has a need to press the emergency pendant or activate one of the call stations in their suite, our care team staff responds from within the building.

Become Part of a Community

The benefits of moving in are: new friends, socialization, laughter and fun. Whether you want to pursue new interests or continue to enjoy lifelong hobbies. Enjoy the freedom to participate in as many or as few activities as you please. Take advantage of the fitness centre, join a gentle exercise class, learn yoga or enjoy performances by local entertainers.

Our Definition of Hospitality

Given the aging population there is huge requirement for setting the bar and understanding hospitality as it relates to the senior population. Masterpiece Southland Meadows will be the inspiration for future generations of care providers to visit and learn how employees connect with their residents and provide "Tears of Joy". Masterpiece places great emphasis on hospitality and ensures employees know that Hospitality means just this:

"Hospitality represents our passion for pleasing people through genuine care and concern for everyone's well-being. Hospitality delights the senses and satisfies emotional needs. Hospitality is expressed through our smiles, our warm and sincere welcome: our kindness, thoughtfulness, respect and patience. Hospitality represents an effortless anticipation and fulfilling of people's needs and desires for food and sustenance, security and recognition and comfort. Hospitality empowers both hosts and guests when the emotional bonds are based on honestly and integrity, confidence and trust. Hospitality is achieved when everyone feels important and loved. Hospitality allows us to build deep, trusting relationships to be grown and nurtured, valued and celebrated, like a family or community. Hospitality helps guide our actions by putting residents interests first. Hospitality brings people together to celebrate life and lives. Hospitality is genuine when it results in "tears of joy". Hospitality at Masterpiece is precious and alive, because it is every person's responsibility. We honour everyone's commitment, contributions and continuous efforts in mastering hospitality and in seeking improvement."

"Hospitality is the cornerstone of who we are and what we do. It is not currently practiced in this industry and only by a few hotel chains."